Thursday, 26 January 2017



Mother is goddess our whole world,
She is god gift on this earth for her family,
She bears with smile all pain in a small
World ‘MAA’
She carries love’s rain
She keeps large patience and courage,
Her love shows us path in this mirage,
She cares her child without any greedy,
She teaches her child good ritual and
Struggle In need,
Under her home i found shelter ,

She compromises for our better,

She like a wheel always running on the road,
Limited in the four walls she covers all the abroad ,
She is like rose fraguant and beautiful in
every form,
She tells us what is good and what  is wrong,
Her binds bangles And the large worries eyes

Inprinted in my soul,heart, and mind,
She is wonderful  creation of god,
Without her no one can born..........

Written By Sarita Verma B.A. 3rd Year

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