Thursday, 10 November 2016

Learning sources

Learning sources

I fancy to gain many thing,
But how can I apprentice anything,

I deem we can cop heights,
From everything of our sights,

It rely upon you,
What you want to train you,

When you can have peachy things,
Then you can have nasty things,

A tree can teach many thing,
That do for others something,

An intoxicated can educate you,
That having it harms you,

Darkness is vital to appreciate the lights,
Lowness is also chief to appreciate the heights,

Birds represent freedom by fly,
Without any fear in the sky,

Firstly they have to dare,
To enjoy the laissez faire,

Don’t scare from can of worms,
Stand like mountains in storms,

Anyone may be your teacher,
But for it you must be a learner…….

Written By Ajay jangir B.A.3rd year

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