Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Those red sandals

Those red sandals

When I stepped into those red sandals
A current I could not handle

There was some movement, Oh! I was shivering
As my second skin someone tearing

My eyes frighten
No one to hold me tighten

That touch was crawling
My silence was howling

The pain left, my happiness theft
For him, I was mere a jest

Haunt my night
Doesn't let me take my flight

His inhuman quench
Put me in trench

Was he satisfied
The louder I cried

My soul in pain
A blast in my vien

Justice! A word once ere
It's presence didn't felt here

Proud king to a mercy father
I wish death to face rather

His heart pumped out
Hearing abysmal me about

No hope for life
My refused was hand in beehive

Poisonous fang I survived
But dear ones deprived

I was full of laughter
My wish's master

A moment came, an animal untamed
The life I loved, no longer remained

Clothes stained

I was blamed

I was made ashamed

A hand held mine
Beautiful it was a sign

He took my charge
My sorrow's watch

He hide me inside
Accepted with pride

Called beloved of his
Made me Mrs from Miss

Trust he gained
Put contempt in wend

Proud to be his
Who made me Mrs from Miss

Written By Parul Bhateja

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