Monday, 21 November 2016

That cute boy!

That cute boy!

A boy happened to enter in my life 
at 6 or 7 charming, naughty, with always 
a smile on his face…

Gazed at everything full of curiosities.
I met him in school, when I was at XIIth & 
he was at Ist. Being the head girl,
I had the responsibilities of discipline.

One day I saw him & taught not to move here and there, with my outrage face. 
The boy started crying very genuinely.

His tears was very innocent & then I realized my mistake.

I went to him…
This was the feeling my heart never realized of scolding such a cute and innocent boy.

I said him sorry !!
I said him sorry again & again !!

He looked at me with quite surprise,
May be he thinks of my gentle smile to him. He also just smiled & we became friends.
His name was Vatsal.
He was just full of life.
We enjoyed great time together. He always calling my name about hundred times in a day with 
a soft suffix of “didi”.
I just love his voice, his mature, his cuteness, his face and everything.

This was happened three years ago…
I was still searching him when I went to my hometown. Imagining that 
How old he now?
How he looks?
Does he still remember me?
There were so many questions in my mind…

“I wish I will meet him once again in this life…”

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