Tuesday, 15 November 2016

To Let

To Let

How long have we searched here,
The four tired guys, talking to each other
In the middle of the city road.

They came upstairs to gain upstairs……
Looking for a transitory roof
In their primary step…

Wherever they go find a same Epitaph
Having on amusing tag “T0-Let for girls”..
boosted level of hate , anger & questions.

The owners stared to us , we blushed a lot
and treated us unwanted like a 500 & 1000 rupees note.
Their mind had  questions having no head & tail 
The  girlfriend , drinking habits and caste questions made us a fail….

It begets high – level discussion
what have guys done awry
before their opulent potrays?

They made us realize , time has changed
“some room for boys” along with 
“Save girls should be raised…..

It should be globally discussed
because it is as big a problem
As global financial crisis.

Written By Ashok Paliwal BA 3rd Year

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