Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Our Soldiers

Our Soldiers

We live with families in core,
They live with memories in shore,

We have many blisses
They have many messes,

Nature is also with us but not with them,
We celebrate every occasion but only due to them,

We live amid buds,
They live amid blades,

After born of a misery,
He changed in to history,

His mother is shocked,
And her throat is chocked,

His infant is also a soldier,
Who on every function fights,
With different types of lights,
Because he has lost his holder,  
See the child and can you guess the reason ,
Why does the child fight with life’s season,

Yes, we know that his father has gone,
When fighting for us and unknown,

O God ! Secure them,
Who live for us,
Who live for others,
Who live for patriotism.....

Written By Ajay jangir B.a. 3rd  year 

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